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We have entered a truly global era. We are more connected than ever before.  Even the smallest business can be an international success story, with clients, customers, branches and offices around the world.

We have reached this era because of the profound advances we have made in the telecommunications field. You can now be in constant contact with colleagues and employees, making advanced transactions with parties around the globe, or sending, sharing and receiving data from anyplace in the world.

However, the rapid pace of development in telecom capabilities has brought an equally quick evolution in the law and the legal issues surrounding telecommunications. Transactions and regulatory matters in this field can be extraordinarily complicated. Therefore, having qualified legal counsel advising on these issues  — especially counsel who has an in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications field and experience working with clients like you — is essential.

Telecommunications Lawyer

Ben Bronston is a nationally recognized telecommunications lawyer. For more than 20 years, Ben Bronston - Telecom Lawyer has advised and represented agents, master agents, providers, enterprise customers, carriers, resellers and others on all legal matters pertaining to telecommunications and technology.

Whether your issues pertain to transactions, licenses, mergers and acquisitions of domestic or international companies or any other issue in the telecommunications industry, Ben Bronston is ready to assist you.

Ben Bronston has the experience necessary to understand the issues, and he constantly works to keep ahead of the ever-changing and evolving technology and the laws, regulations and legal complications surrounding it. Call today at 888.469.0579 to set up a consultation.

Our law firm serves clients worldwide.

Continually Updating Knowledge In Telecom Law

Advances in telecommunication technology continue at a rapid clip, with no sign of slowing down. The way we communicate with each other and send or share data is constantly becoming faster, clearer and more secure. Regulatory structures struggle to keep up. It is an eternal challenge for those whose business involves telecom, both as a vendor and a user, to ensure that their transactions reflect this constant growth.

That's why it's so vital to have counsel that has both the experience to handle any matter that comes before him and the up-to-date knowledge to understand the issues you are confronting. Ben Bronston’s two decades of work in telecom law provide him the experience necessary to understand the issues faced by those in the telecom industry, and he constantly works to keep ahead of the ever-changing technology and laws, regulations and legal complications surrounding it. 

Ben Bronston and the telecom attorneys at our firm are able to represent a broad range of clients who touch the telecommunications field in many different ways. Whether you are a service provider or someone buying or subscribing to services, Ben Bronston can be the skilled legal eye looking out for your best interests.

An Attorney for Any Client With a Telecommunications Issue

You may be a start-up data cloud company, seeking to provide services to businesses around the globe. You could be an established wireless provider dealing with new FCC regulations. You could be an international internet telephony provider seeking to acquire a U.S. competitor.

If you are in the telecommunication industry, Ben Bronston has the experience and knowledge to help you with any legal matters you have, including transactions, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory affairs and licensing.

You may be a business that needs telecommunications service and that service may be absolutely vital to the survival of your company. When entering into a contract with a provider, it is extremely important that your service needs are met. Our firm helps enterprise customers determine what they need and negotiate a contract that best fits those requirements.

Often, the provider and customer are connected due to the work of an agent, who may or may not be part of a master agent network. We pride ourselves on representing agents and master agents in transactions and other legal issues, as well as vendors and customers in their dealings with agents.

Representing You on Any Telecom Matter

There are a wide range of issues in telecommunications where an attorney with a broad and deep understanding of telecom law could make the difference between a smooth and successful process or a painful encumbrance that could sink your business.

If you are a telecom business, a business seeking telecommunication services, or an agent or master agent, your success depends on well-drafted contracts and carefully considered transactions. Even a seemingly minor misstep in the  transaction process  could lead to  a very costly and undesirable outcome,. An attorney with a trained eye for telecommunications contracts can review your agreements to help ensure you the best possible result.

If you are seeking to acquire a telecom company, there may be significant regulatory matters that you must navigate through. If you are merging a company with your own, then you must determine how your company's legal structure will change to accomodate the new company. All of these issues may vary depending on whether you are a domestic or foreign company, and whether the company you seek to acquire is domestic or foreign.

Telecommunication companies also face significant regulation, and must frequently obtain and maintain licensesat both the state and federal level. An experienced telecom attorney can identify what licenses will be necessary and guide you through the proper application or registration processes.

Experienced Counsel for the Telecom Industry and Telecom Customers

Telecommunications are a vital part of every business, but it's rare to find an attorney who has significant experience with the issues that arise in the rapidly expanding telecom industry. Ben Bronston not only has such experience, he is recognized nationally as an expert in telecom law.

With Ben Bronston - Telecom Lawyer, you can trust that the telecommunications issues you face will be handled by a seasoned and knowledgeable lawyer who understands the field. Whether you are a service provider, an end user, an agent or anyone else with a telecom matter, you can turn to us. Call  888.469.0579 today.

Meet Ben Bronston

Ben Bronston For more than 20 years, Ben Bronston has represented clients in the telecommunications industry, including agents, service providers and end users.

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